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Beauty Services

Beverly Hill Advanced eyebrow shaping 

At Inner Beauty we have been professionally trained with a specialised eyebrow technique. We have been trained to measure your brow in relation to the length and width of your face and how much hair we have to work with, then establish which shape suits to create the perfect brow for you. We wax, tweeze and trim the brow. We make the brow look full and smokey and give an elegant profile by using powders, pencils to enhance and fill, highlights to open and lift the eye and a gel to widen the brow and set the powder to create the perfect brow.

$37.00 | 30min

Waxing (female)
  • Advanced eyebrow shaping |$39

  • Standard eyebrow shape wax|$20

  • Upper lip wax |$18

  • Chin Wax |$18

  • Under Arm wax |$21

  • Arm Wax |$27                                

  • Sides of the face wax|$20

  • Full face inc eyebrows|$63

  • Womens Brazilian wax|$49

  • Womens Brazilian Maintenance within 4 weeks|$39

  • Full leg wax |$42

  • 1/2 Leg wax |$29

  • Toes |$12

  • Standard Bikini wax |$24

  • High cut bikini wax |$31

  • Buttocks $22

  • Half Leg & standard bikini $47

  • Half leg & high cut bikini $52

Waxing (male)

  • Men’s Stomach | $44

  • Men’s Full Leg Wax |$49

  • Men’s ½ Leg Wax |$39

  • Mens’ Back and shoulders |$49


Experience the Youngblood Difference. Let our highly trained therapist create a glamorous new look for you! Enhance that natural beauty.

  • Bridal $80.00

  • Bridesmaid $70.00

  • Special occasion 45 min $64.00

  • 60 minute lesson $120.00

* Redemable on Youngblood products purchashed


Enhance your natural Eyebrows & Eyelashes with tinting lasting between 4-8weeks.

Eyelash Tint | $23

Eyebrow Tint |$19

Eyelash & Eyebrow tint | $38

Henna Eyebrow | $39

Hybrid Eyebrow tint | $28

Spray Tanning

Inner Beauty Spray Tanning offer a wide selection of tans to suit your skin tone and desired shade of tan. Spray Tans are ideal for everyday wear and special occasions. They spay on making your skin a natural golden brown tan shade – no orange tones!  our products can be developed from just 20 minutes


Naked Tan 2 hour wash n wear $33

Double spray $53

If you have booked in for a tan, please read some of the tips below on how to keep your tan looking fabulous!


All hair removal treatments, waxing, shaving or depilatory creams should be carried out at least 24 hours prior to your spray on tan application so that the natural oils within your skin are restored for optimum tanning results.

The day of your spray tan appointment, we recommend that you exfoliate your skin using gloves or exfoliating shower cloth and a granule based scrub. Exfoliation is vital in preparing the outermost cells of the skin to be not only more receptive to the spray on tan solution during application, but also to ensure that the tan fades evenly.

After your shower (before your spray tan) do not apply moisturizer, deodorant, perfume or make up on your skin as this may hinder the end tanning result.

Bring with you to your appointment:

  • a pair of thongs

  • loose dark clothing (preferably cotton) to put on afterwards

It is also recommended that snug fitting under-garments such as a bra is not worn directly after the spray on tan application, only after the tan has fully developed which takes 1-4 hours.

Spray tanning appointments usually only take 15-20 minutes

If your spray tan is for a special occasion it is recommended that your get your spray tan 1-2 days before the occasion for the best colour.

Please let the Beauty Therapist know if you are allergic to any products if they are not already aware.

Pre tanning scrubs and exfoliants are available for purchase at reception. Please talk to one of our friendly staff for further information.

You tan can last up to 7 days depending on the home after care applied prior to your tan.

Avoid showering / bathing for 8 hours following your spray tan application as the tan requires the full 2 hours to fully. Once showered, your tan may look lighter; it will develop darker over the next 6 hours after showering.

Avoid exercise that may cause perspiration for at least 2 hours following your spray tan application for the same reason.

Do not apply moisturiser, deodorant, make up or perfume for at least 2 hours following your spray tan application, again for the same reason.

After the 2 hour development time, you can then resume your normal beauty regime such as; showering, moisturizing and applying makeup etc.


After each shower, pat your skin dry with your towel rather than rubbing, as rubbing in itself is a mild form of exfoliation, which will prematurely fade the tan.

Once dry, it is imperative that you moisturise every day throughout the duration of your tan in order to maintain the tan’s depth of colour and prolong its longevity.

We recommend that you avoid swimming in chlorinated pools, excessive exercise, soaking in Jacuzzis or sweating it out in saunas, as these actions will fade the tan prematurely.

Please talk to one of our friendly staff on how you can keep your tan look fresh. We offer a range of products including PH balanced washes, Tan extenders, Foams, Gels that will extend the life of your tan.

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