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Hands and Feet

Pamper your hands and feet with our deluxe range of manicure and pedicure treatments


Our Nail enhancement treatments

SNS Nails

SNS Nails, adheres and protect the nail, whilst achieving beautiful, natural looking Nails.

Full Colour | $57.00

French |$64.00

Full colour +Soak Off $62.00

Soak Off | $44.00

OPI Gel polish

Get the must have 14 day manicure OPI exclusive UV gel polish formula holds the secret to long-lasting shine and with OPI gel polish there's no chipping, no smudging. When it's time to change the colour, No damage on your nails.

OPI Gel polish - Fingers or Toes | $43

OPI Gel polish french | $51

Gel polish removal | $24

Repair per nail | $9-$14

ADD on correction gel | $12

Manicure & Pedicures

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